Monday, January 31, 2011

Chaos in Alacatraz

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I even dreamt about it earlier today, gave me a big scare I woke up with my heart thumping wildly. I couldn't immediately go back to sleep despite having difficulty keeping my eyes open.

Hubby said a priest asked them if they are feeling some back pains. He further asked them if the pain is from their upper back or lower back. He stressed that if it's one's lower back, most likely its due to manual labor. However, if it's your upper back, you might not be getting enough well-deserved pat on the back.

So I told the litle girl: "Dani, everytime daddy gets home, you make sure you pat him on the back." If he's not getting that from work, he might as well got a lot from home ;)

Guende, my upper right back is giving me hell for days now.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

3 down 5 more to go

3 down 5 more to go
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last sunday we visited the dentist to get a sealant for her two molars. it was cheaper by P150 per tooth than the previous clinic we went to. Total damage: P1K @P500 per tooth x 2. the dentist praised dani for being brave, no treats though :p

anyways, i'm trying out auto-blog post feature via flickr mail. didin't work hehe

Monday, January 24, 2011

It has been 9 days

Weekend Photos
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since my last upload. I hope hubby can find out what's wrong soon.

How many friends do you have?

The Social Network Movie poster
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Lemme check your FB profile :) Depending on how open you are, I can find the answer there easy peasy. But how many real friends do you have?

I have just finished watching the deebeedee, of poor quality swiped via your friendly cinema pirate somewhere. Coughing audience, disrespectful viewers who accept phone calls, nuisance shadows of people standing up for a bathroom break or for another tub of popcorn or for whatever reason, all these aside, the film wasn't that bad at all :D In the end, the notes indicate each got their happy ending (read: got paid) but call me ms sunshine, I still want to see them all chummy like being sued for a 600M and all that lawsuit was just a very bad dream. However, this is not your typical Disney movie so I digress. The thing is, the movie didn't make me want to read the book itself.

Friday, January 21, 2011


Take 2
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K: Napanaginipan kita kanina.
G: Talaga..
K: Mahal na mahal daw kita sa panaginip ko.
G: Sa panaginip lang, e sa totoong buhay?
K: Kaya nga ko nagising kasi alam ko panaginip lang yun!

I felt the need to hug hubby as the aftermath of the dream still lingered minutes after waking up. To summarize the dream: He waited for me and in the end I chose him.

It was an adventure.

fuzzy orange alien
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The little girl told me she had a dream.

It was about a Daddy Rooster and his son Baby Rooster. No one believed that the aliens were chasing them. But a fuzzy orange alien liked the Daddy Rooster and became their friend. The aliens realized they were bad and said sorry.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Hacienda Macalauan Delights

Hacienda Macalauan Delights
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Snagged this from the supermarket last week. I liked their fresh milk. However, I have doubts with the quality of the yogurt based from its consistency. I still ate the two variants anyways and didn't suffer any tummy trouble later.

Yesterday, I was able to buy the following: Vanilla Fresh Milk, Strawberry Fresh Milk, Strawberry Yogurt and Mango Yogurt. I had the latter for breakfast earlier, a tad too sweet for me but I liked it nonetheless! I noticed it has less gooey consistency than the first batch. Can't wait to taste the rest :)

Baby L

Baby L
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Latest addition to the Q Family :) Cute cute cutey cute cute! :D

Thursday, January 13, 2011

More sleepless nights to come

You're Beautiful
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It's a good thing, this KDrama has only 16 episodes. So far I've invested about 6hrs and I really prefer them men without makeup.

big bang theory new season
I initially started with The Big Bang Theory. However humorous the guys were, they're not quite.. hmm.. pretty haha By the time I finished ep3, I clicked the stop button and reached out for my kdrama fix :D Still my kuriwa for deubuel s o gong il is there. I keep thinking, it would be nice to see them perform together again.

Yes, this means my books maybe taking a back seat for now.

BTW, I'm Korean not Chinese.

Glenn (Steven Yeun) from the Walking Dead
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Epic line of Glenn in The Walking Dead Season 1 :D

The Walking Dead - Promo 8 - Glenn
That's him in character.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The temptation continues..

Seoul #15 prescan
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for a measly price of P5K.. *sigh*

travel date not ideal though, i prefer late october-early november, naks parang totoo haha

Sunday, January 09, 2011

Battle Cry 2011

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A Happy Day

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Twas one indeed, when Dr Chase and Dr Cameron got married. However as I finished Season 6 with no one mentioning any case about Mesothelioma, Chase finally signed the divorce papers after hearing from Cameron the truth about her feelings for him. Is it really necessary to have a parting ML? It's just so sad.


If it's any consolation, they shared their favorite parts in their marriage. There was something there, it just not enough to make it last.

Gulliver's Travels

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Dani knows the gist of the story as I've read to her a shortened version of it a couple of times before. We saw the movie poster one time and I asked her if she wanted to see it in the big screen. She has this habit of getting me excited over us watching a movie but when its ticket buying time she'd chicken out on me. I try not to get my hopes up when she answered yes.

Anyways, it's been drizzling earlier today and the last thing I want is a bored kid but us parents are too lazy to mess around with art stuffs and too proud to rely on Playhouse Disney. As we're running low on weekly perishables, I asked the husband for a short trip to the wonderland of SM :)

After confirming that they are running the movie today, I asked the little girl again. As expected she said she wanted to watch it. So after the husband had his haircut, with hotdogs and popcorn on hand, we surrendered our tickets and found ourseIves the best seats. I was kinda worried she'd get bored as the beginning is different from her book's version. However when Gulliver finally ends up in Liliput, she laughed with the rest and managed to sit through it till credits. Ad opportunity, a liliputan tries to unlock Gulliver's apple iphone, sheesh.

Honestly, if it was just me, I would rather watch it at home. I'm just happy we get to watch a movie with the little girl.

Next up, Tangled. We have the book already so she's kinda psyched about it also.

Thursday, January 06, 2011

I can only imagine..

ceb hk mac 032010
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To self: Hang in there.. it'll be over soon :p So help me God!

Sunday, January 02, 2011

I'm taking a break...

I'm taking a break...
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from all the holiday stuffs. tons of photos to upload but not enough time to process the memories both in flickrverse and in my blog. i just have to say this: i am thankful for everything and i love my family.

happy 2011!