Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Boracay Trip 2010: Microtel Food+Beverage

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Ugh, can't remember the name of their restaurant.

Aug. 25, we had a late lunch.

D1 Chopsuey
Chopsuey for hubby @P350

D1 Mahin-mahin fillet
Mahin-mahin in Lemon and Herbs + Salad @P450

D1 Late Lunch
Mango Shake @P150

Day 2: Option of Longanisa or Tocino
D2 Microtel Breakfast

Day 3: Option of Bacon or Sausage


My father is a fan of the unlimited coffee at the lobby.

Boracay Trip 2010: Lunch + Dinner

D1 Mang Inasal
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Day 1
Lunch: Microtel
Dinner: Mang Inasal
Day 2
Lunch: Yellow Cab Pizza (Delivered)
Dinner: Cindy's
Day 3:
Lunch: Andoks

We spent an average of 2k every meal, fiesta na kami nyan :D Wala nga lang fruit shakes plus dad prefers meat talaga. I had a hard time, food wise, because we needed to schedule a shuttle to and from d'mall. It eats up 20mins one way. Wasn't able to stock up on junkfoods and treats either. Given the chance, I'd stick to Station 1 next time.

D1 Arrival of the Others

D1 Arrival of the Others
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We are a group of 9 adults and 4 kids, that's what I always say when inquiring for accommodation. Microtel adivsed that we get 3 rooms.

Arrival Mosaic
1. D1 Arrival of The Others, 2. D1 Arrival of The Others, 3. D1 Arrival of The Others, 4. D1 Arrival of The Others, 5. D1 Arrival of the Others, 6. D1 Arrival of the Others
Anyways, I pre-checked them in already knowing they'll join us pretty late and tired from the travel.

D1 Arrival of the Others
Nothing much to see in Keds room (same as ours) so on we went to Kers room.

D1 Arrival of the Others
It was already 640pm and the sun has set, only a hint of light can be seen from the beach.

D1 Arrival of the Others
They sipped their drinks and cooled off for a while. After settling down, off we went to eat dinner.

Bora Trip 2010 - Microtel

D1 Microtel
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I would love to go back again to Jony's but I'd like to try out another hotel and managed to hold on to some business flyers with their rainy day promos. I had my eye on Microtel's suite near the pool for a long time. Through their website, I reserved 2 suites and 1 double room with Beach view availing their Rainy Day Promo Package. I didn't get to meet Ms Ali who responded quickly to my inquiries but the rest of the staff was very warm and efficient.

D1 Suite
330pm, we get to see our room.

D1 Bunk
The little girl immediately jumped on the bed.

D1 Bathroom
I checked the bathroom.

D1 Toiletries
The toiletries. Good thing we brought our own.

D1 Coffee Corner
The condiments. Aisht, I forgot my milk tea.

D1 Room Mirror
Overall, we liked our room. Aircon and ref were working perfectly. I was a bit disappointed as I thought we'd get the ones near the pool. It turns out those were called Suite Premium, apparently not available for booking online. I was thinking of upgrading as my brother expected it and Donna might have a hard time climbing the stairs, hubby thinks our rooms will do.

D1 Kids Corner
Kiddie corner, check.

D1 Inspection starts
Inspector Dani, checking out the pool. Does this place looked fun?

D1 Dip
I think so.

D1 Dip
Hubby, camera shy.

D1 Second room from right
Second floor, second window from the right. That's us.

D1 Welcome Leis
I almost forgot, we were given orange juice(?) and welcome shell leis upon check in :D

White Beach ComeBack

D1 T3
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Flights were booked as early as April. Three days and two nights vacation with Dani and Garry but later my whole family decided to tag along.

Day 1

Sunday night, our bags were packed already. Come Wednesday morning around 3AM, I received 3 text messages from CebuPac informing me that our flight originally scheduled at 925am was cancelled. By the time I read the messages, Hubby had driven several meters from our home already. While talking with the customer rep, we turned back and rebooked ourselves on the 1130am flight. In the end, my parents and siblings were rescheduled at a much later flight from 1240pm to 310pm.

Hubby decided to bring the car and avail of the Park and Fly services. It ain't cheap but he feels more secure with xeon there. We were at the airport by 930am and ordered breakfast in Jollibee. I would've preferred to eat the longanisa meal but ordered burger for myself and chicken joy for hubby.

D1 Tickets + Boarding Pass
First time to see their new receipt-like tickets.

D1 Gate 133
Checked ourselves in and waited at Gate 133.

Day 1 Gate 134
Last time we boarded at Gate 134.

D1 Trippin
Just trippin with The Backyardigans' Born to Play and Groove to the Music albums.

Day 1 Wake me up when we're there
I forgot, mostly they were seated together that's why Dani's able to sleep during the flight. But this time, she was too likot and stayed awake the whole flight.

D1 Caticlan Airport
First time to land in Caticlan airport. Boarding was late, it was already 2PM by the time we touched down.

D1 Caticlan Jetty Port
Took a van for a few minutes transfer to Caticlan Jetty Port. Dani was cranky as she's sleepy na and doesn't want to walk anymore.

D1 Ferry
Took some time before this ferry left.

D1 Dizzy
Not sure if it's lack of sleep or her kalikutan but minutes after this photo, the little girl threw up. That was a first. Hubby had to bring her to the deck, inhaling a whiff of ammonia Manong so kindly provided.

Monday, August 30, 2010


dark theatre
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Hubby's POV:
It started with the game of hide and seek. the children were asked to find a good place to hide afterwards the teachers search for them. somewhere i saw an evil glint in teacher #1's eye. Dani was with me and I thought it's best to not go far and hide inside the next building, a theater. We sat on the far corner with out backs on the screen so I can I have a good view of the entrance door. The little girl was sitting on my lap, quitely trying to be brave. In came two man, searching. We have get out or here.

Something's not right. I have to look for my family. So far, I've beaten the principal in his office. I went to Teacher#2's house and she turned out to be a nasty witch. Ate keng turned up and help me fight her. Now, she's halfway stuck in a mudpit, frozen. Before leaving, I picked up some of the books and took them with me.

I'm not sure how near my dream is with reality. I'm hoping it'll never happen.


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Mommy, I had a dream today. A monkey was following us. When we walk, he walks. When we stop, he stops also. We thought he's a bad monkey. He went to get some food and he's a good monkey. I gave him a name, Fluffy and he said yes.

He went back to his home and said ba-bye.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Phone Pals

Saturation telephone
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Hero: What are you doing?
Princess: Playing in the computer.
Hero: Are you playing moshi monsters?
Princess: No, nick jr.

~some convo i cannot decipher~

Princess: Hero, I'm not going to tell you I'm at a new level already because it will make you sad.
Hero: mumbles.
Princess: Are you mad? It's my mommy's fault she lets me play games all the time.
Princess: Are you mad at my mommy? Ok bye.

Walks toward me and says: Mommy, I told Hero it's your fault why I am at a different level because you keep letting me play games.

These two kulits have been exchanging calls and I suddenly find myself wondering whether they have a customer service representative work in the future. We'll see.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


tear drop
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눈물 = 눈 eyes + 물 water

Monday, August 16, 2010


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yeah, 난 중독 like that :D