Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Anime: Golden Time Screencaps

Wise words from Nana

Yup, done with the finale. I would love to be friends with 2D-kun :D I was so caught up with the Bromance scenes in ep23 and wasn't able to capture the part when Mitsuo said to Banri: I will find you.

Keywords: Love and Youth.

Anime: Golden Time Screencaps

This gurl is khureeyzeee!

Aren't we all when we are so consumed by our feelings whether it be love or hate.

Now at ep18. I'm still confused about Banri and Linda. Will everyone get their happy ending?

Monday, June 29, 2015

Anime: Golden Time Series

Honestly, I am in state of panic. Tomorrow morrow and my vacay is done. I'd like to cap it of with a short and light romcom. I've been hearing that Golden Time is just what I need.

I'm thinking, it's such a sweet thing for guys to notice.

When I got to this part, i was like

I missed capturing the arrow aegyo between Banri and Koko but I couldn't resist this.

Currently at ep8 and hope to finish by tomorrow morning.