Monday, August 31, 2015

Graham Balls ala D

1 small pack of Crushed Graham Crackers
1 small can Alaska Condensada
1 small pack of marshmallows
1 small pack of Birch Tree milk powder

Pour and mix together crushed graham and condensed milk. We need to cut the marshmallows in half before we squashed it with about a tablespoon of the mix.

Do not stress yourself on thos critical step.  Just use your imagination as to how to make it into a ball and have fun hahaha

Finally, roll the ball and cover it with milk powder.  We made about 25pcs excluding the ones used for "taste-testing."

Chill and serve whenever you feel like snackin'. ^^

August Wrap up

It's expected, TLG will grow and change over the years. However, I can't help bit wish for a pause button to savor each moment and milestone a little bit longer.
In some cases, I'd try to look back when I was her age and try to relate to her world. What kind of person was I, my likes and dislikes at the time? What made me happy or sad? Who was my crush back then (meron talaga hahaha)?
Anyway, what's more important is now. She was able to nab the Top 1 slot for the first time. I cannot take credit as I stopped making reviewers for her last year. We did try to establish effective study habits and reward system through the years. I'd like to believe that it helped.
I love you, pretty. We're proud of you!

* * *

Homefront: renovation is about 30% and we hope it to be finished by end of October. Not sure if it's on sched, that's hubby's area. I will delve into details prior to completion, paint selection and all that. Someone will be quite busy by then.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Connect the Dots

Call it boredom or too much time to think but I'd like to believe there is no such thing as coincidence. Things happen for a reason, people have purpose in our lives. We gain some, we lose some.

No mystery there.  

However, it's quite a challenge for me whenever I try to sort them out because I'm a feelings person. Most often than not, fueled by emotions, the heart overrules the brain no matter when the latter seems more logical and realistic.

So, what's my point? Wala lang. Namiss kong magconnect the dots. ^^ Yan uso ngayon.. me-ma.. me-maisulat lang! Hahaha