Monday, February 08, 2016

Lunch at the Crater

O was kind enough to buy us tapa and barbeque for lunch. Despite our food eaten cold, it was so delish as we relish the view while comforted by a slight cold breeze.

It's so true, food is better when shared with friends.

Stating the Obvious

New Moon on Monday

Send me your warning siren
As if I could ever hide
Last time La Luna ��

Sunday, February 07, 2016

Pinatubo Trail

Mapped our trek via Nike Running App.  On an average, the trail will take 1.5hr one way.

I tried looking for decent/affordable trekking sandals in Glorietta but to no avail.  Took a peek at some recent photos to check if running shoes will do.

We started with the rocky path where we need to cross some streams.
Twenty minutes from the crater, one has to traverse steeper path covered in lush greenery.

One tired weary soul can only thank the heavens upon reaching the top and setting sight on such amazing view.